Pedestrianisation would be a disaster

I’ve been concerned to see suggestions of closing the high street and pedestrianising it. As our ONLY main road into Mablethorpe it seems counter productive to make traffic not come into our town. As a business owner on Gibraltar road I need the traffic to have access and as Gibraltar road is one way and narrow we cannot have the traffic from the Haven (often towing trailers and caravans) using it as the main south bound route. I support the desire for improvement but not this.

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4 comments on “Pedestrianisation would be a disaster

  1. Approximately a week ago an ambulance was at a residential property in Gibraltar road. All vehicles that tried to get passed it ended up having to reverse back up to the pullover, so therefore I do not see Gibraltar Road being suitable to bring lots of traffic down there. The road just isn’t wide enough.

  2. I do not believe that Gibraltar Road needs to be impacted by any of the suggestions for pedestrianisation of the High Street, which can be achieved without adversely affecting traffic flow in and out of the town through to the camps, Quebec Road,& the sea front for which there are actually three possible routes from the A1104, neither of which involve running the gauntlet of traffic lights and jay-walkers on the High Street:
    a) Via A1031 & Kent Avenue
    b) Via Golf Road (and visitors can call at any new Tesco for supplies on the way!)
    c) Via High Street / Seacroft Road / Knowle Street / Victoria Road with minimal traffic management adjustments
    Whilst visitors are obviously critical to the prosperity of the town it is vital that we provide a positive experience for the time they spend in the town and on the sea front. Pedestrianisation supports this.

  3. if they do this if will only go on to cut us off more. We already the railway that bought holiday makers so why take another lifeline

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