Pedestrianise Lowesmore

Lowesmore should be pedestrianised as part of a scheme to regenerate this part of the city.
The street is completely dominated by traffic with pedestrians confined to narrow pavements. The street also suffers from poor air quality.
Lowesmore is actually a really attractive and historic street with some great independent businesses and buildings. Imagine how much it could thrive if it wasn’t ruined by cars – cleaner, greener with space for outdoor seating for the cafes/pubs/restaurants. What an excellent gateway to the rest of the city this would be also.
Remove the cars, put the people back and regenerate this area.

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2 comments on “Pedestrianise Lowesmore

  1. Lowesmoor is a unique part of Worcester, no where else in the city has the same concentration of independent shops, and the majority are food shops. Heavy traffic, on street parking and cramped pedestrian space spoil what could be a lovely part of the city.

  2. Lowesmoor is full of independents that would see their footfall increase if it was pedestrianised. World Car Free day showed what potential Lowesmoor had if it were pedestrianised.

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