Pedestrians first

Penzance is a beautiful town and steeped in history. To be able to walk comfortably and easily, without having to jump in a gutter when a car is whizzing past impatiently (e.g Bread Street) or manoeuvre around cars parked Inconsiderately on narrow pavements, or having to wait ages for a green man (where available) would enable a healthier lifestyle of walking around town while also enjoying our built environment. If, like nationally, one third of car journeys in our area involves one person driving less than 1km surely making walking more attractive would help reduce traffic for those genuinely in need of their vehicles, ease pressure on parking and lead to a healthier local population. More frequent and direct bus services will also alleviate the peak parking problems in Penzance right now.

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11 comments on “Pedestrians first

  1. There needs to be consideration for those with poor mobility. Some people struggle to walk far, but are not disabled. We need more free parking like Helston.

  2. The area from around the station past the harbour to the Jubille Pool and Prom is not very pleasant to walk along. In many seaside resorts the harbour is the main attraction of the town, yet ours is hard to access and could become more of a focal point. Some sort of designed pedestrian path using part of the big car park maybe(?), and past the wharf/harbour but somehow so you are not dodging the traffic. Also, the bit of coastal path directly by the station going east could be much nicer. Maybe the area where the generator (?) building is could be used for a few cafes, shops, bars with views towards St Michael’s Mount. Could be lovely, but is all concrete (and dog poo) at the moment.

  3. Pedestrianise all central streets, it can be done for Mazey day. Market Jew st, Bread st, Chapel Street & Causewayhead & Alverton.

  4. Pave the way and make the centre of Penzance pedestrian only!!! Show our tourist trade how we value their shopping comfortably instead of dodging vehicles!! We need the old bus route to go from Penzance through Drift to Lands End. Many older people are cut off from services!!!!

  5. WE need the car parks at the top of Causewayhead to help prevent this – not ugly creative work spaces on a heritage site.

    1. Sorry Roger but don’t understand how losing one car park will affect any plans to pedestrianise The town centre Nobody can park on Causewayhead or Market Jew Street so if we pedestrianise these roads we would not need any more car parking

  6. We could have a park and ride on the outskirts of the town. We have a beautiful sea front and if the shops in the town were condenced to one end this woukd improve matters considerably. We need to improve the access so people can use it. If we had park and ride the shopping area at the top could be pedestrianised.

  7. The vehicular use of Market Jew Street should be sorted. Cars are still going down even though there is a sign saying no access. This creates havoc for the buses going up and down especially when there is still parking of cars on double yellow lines. A 20 mile speed limit could help against the speeding cars. Bicycles should not have access down they seem to be a law unto themselves and they are silent which catches out some old folk – there are numerous other routes down through the town. And of course someone needs to take responsibility of policing it.

  8. Absolutely. Main street should be buses only and those cars and vans trying to drive up with buses trying to get down is crazy with all the parked cars too.

    Plenty of other parking spaces and people should use the bus if they want to get off in the main street.

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