Pilgrim parking

The parking system is very expensive and unfair and I agree should be completely back in the hands of NHS so that all the funds go to the NHS not some private money making affair. 1hr for £1.40 which then jumps to 4hrs for £4.40. Tickets can’t even be given to anyone else even though that parking space has been paid for! My husband had to visit me every day at Addenbrookes Hospital a few months ago and they have a system where you can come and visit as you like for as long as you like with a weekly pass of £20. In comparison he also had to visit me every day at Pilgrim for 27 days at a cost of £116 for parking!!!! Daylight robbery.
I have often thought a multi storey car park would be good too. Staff parking should be free. End of.

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3 comments on “Pilgrim parking

  1. None of the profits from this car park has gone into the resurfacing of it either!!! Pot holes everywhere full of water…. owners should be ashamed charging to park on what looks like wasteland!

  2. My mum and sister work at the pilgrim hospital and my mum has to park her car down the road and walk into work. My sister is a hard working nurse and has to do the same thing. It’s so unfair that NHS staff have to pay to work there!!

    They spend so much time working at pilgrim hospital and then made to pay or walk back to there cars that are not even in the hospital car park because they cannot afford hospital parking.

    My mum and sister do not sit down all day while working at the hospital because of the demand of patients. This needs to be sorted out!!

  3. Completely agree. People would not mind paying them prices knowing the funding was going back into the NHS. Absolutely disgusting really.

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