Places For Children On Eststes

I would like to see more or in some cases some places for children young and teens to be able to go. I live in Dovecotes Pendeford there is nothing. We need youth clubs as teens especially end up in trouble. Hanging around with nothing to do. This creates problems with vandalism and involvement in gangs. Resulting in drug issues, robbery both homes and people. As well as violence in general. All these things cost the tax payer a lot of money. So why not have somewhere on estates for kids to go. This is a national problem. Our estate has never had a youth club and it is desperately needed.
Thank you i do hope someone is considering the young of today these are our adults of tomorrow. I have also mentioned public transport as while you encourage people to leave their car. Buses leave a lot to be desired. Trains aren’t great either i hear. I actually do not have a car but i believe the problem of public transport is valid. For poorer families too fairly expensive.

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