4 comments on “Play area

  1. Westfield currently has no park at all where the old park was, would be good to have a new park there for the kids somewhere to play instead of on the road like they do now!

  2. Over the last few years the moorclose area has been totally stripped of everything including the swimming pools, sports centre and the only pub leaving the area nothing more than a large estate with nothing going for it

  3. Vulcans Park should be upgraded so it is as good as Keswick park or better this is a real opportunity offering families and the community to come together the economic spin off as well is that people will travel into Workington town centre thus improving the foot fall in the town, other parks including Vulcans park around the town are a total disgrace and just a token effort, real easy project to upgrade vulcans park but needs done correctly for all ages and funded correctly not done on the cheap.

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