Please build a bypass

The A49 is suffocating this city. A western bypass will allow the city to breath once again and allow for active transport improvements in the city proper. It’s been needed for 40 years and is critical for business in the region

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7 comments on “Please build a bypass

  1. We simply cannot build our way out of this crisis – more creative measures than a really expensive road that carves up the invaluable countryside surrounding our city are needed, and much faster. A bypass would take 10 years (of extreme city congestion) to deliver and we need sustainable options right now. Time to focus on the existing infrastructure and make it better – with a few tweaks. Cars are insatiable, and there are suggestions that as the effects Covid become truly evident car loans are the sub-prime market – too many people paying for expensive new car loans that they will have to abandon – these people are still going to need to move around – let’s create the opportunity for them to do so.

  2. Now is the time to build the original plan of the Eastern by-pass to pick up the major traffic flow that visits Skylon industrial Park.
    This will ease town traffic ready for permanent double-lane cycle routes throughout the city and beyond.
    Eastern by-pass will become the new A49 whilst access to the Skylon Park is maintained.
    This would save the villages of Mordiford and Holme Lacy for future generations to return to the quiet peace for all to enjoy.

  3. Most Hereford traffic is coming into, going out of and travelling within Hereford, a bypass will not give a marked improvement on congestion within the city. We need a considered and sustainable approach that safely and affordably allows road users to choose not to use their cars.

  4. Decent public transport, school transport, accessible park/ride, heavy congestion charging, and cycle lanes will all be needed to solve Hereford’s traffic problems, not a bypass.

  5. The proposed “bypass” will not achieve the objective of reducing City congestion. Develop a modern sustainable transport system including ultra light tram system and other modern public transport solutions.

  6. The proposed “bypass” will not achieve the objective of reducing traffic congestion. Develop a modern sustainable transport system, including light weight trams.

  7. Hereford does not need a bypass. Hereford traffic is quiet when schools are out. A Bypass is not a 21st century or sustainable answer

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