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  1. Make shops on lord street and surrounding area more affordable to smaller businesses. This is a historic seaside town that is on the pivot of succeed or fail for the future of our siblings. It’s good to have modern shops in Southport but historic lords st she be like a Phoenix from the flame. We should value the way Southport used to be.
    Along with this should be consideration for the genuine homeless-that flock to the town and make it unpalatable for visitors. Show we value the needs of those people and build something on a brown site that will support them. This town has an opportunity to show we are a diverse magnet to people for all backgrounds, we should embarrass that and what they bring to this town.

  2. Invest in the Great British seaside resorts, give Southport it’s stylish prowess back, make it a place people want to come too for the wonderful events and activities like the amazing air show, the outstanding flower show and the awesome fireworks championships. Southport already has it but it needs investment to make great even greater. It’s in our interest and national heritage pride. #loveyourseasidetown

  3. I grew up here, and every time I have returned back, there has been less and less. Less shops, less appeal. The town just looks so drab and shabby at the moment, and there only seems to be coffee and charity shops. We should definitely invest in the overall aesthetics of the town most areas could do with a lick of paint or revamp, and the rates definitely need to be lowered and allow ACTUAL shops that would bring people in ! But something else needs to be brought in to attract people I think, anyone I know agrees that there isnt really much to do here anymore, and what is here is rundown .

  4. Have two defined shopping areas,Lord Street & Chapel street. Move the market into part of B.H.S.,and reduce rents & rates for shops. Stop greedy overseas landlords from killing our town. I would also tell landlords that any properties not filled in or for 12 months will be compulsory bought at a reduced rate and turned into Social housing.The rest of B.H.S. can be used for the council offices as it backs onto their existing units.Also please stop the stupid idea of making the existing market a ” Food Court” it will not attract anyone,the last thing we need is MORE places to eat!

  5. as a younger person I find there is nothing to do in the town anymore that entertains me or my friends maybe some more younger related activities is needed to be available like have a big empty shop a millennial market that will change every so often bringing more people to the town. 🙃

  6. Setting up a small business of Lord St needs to be affordable. Costs are not realistic for small businesses to make a profit. Empty shops should be dressed to advertise other shops. Attractive window displays make the walk more pleasant and allows shopping at existing shops without it looking scruffy.

  7. We need to regenerate the shopping industry in both Lord street and Chapel Street. It used to be a great place for local boutiques and chain brands, but now there are empty shops after empty shops.
    Lower the business rates and put a cap on rents to bring business back. There is a large population in Southport that is having to travel to Preston/Liverpool to shop.
    Bring brands in to the town and people will come, local economy will boost and the tourist industry will grow.

  8. The BHS building is one of the nicest shops on Chapel Street. There used to be a green area in front of the town hall, reinstate that if a green space is actually needed in the centre of town, although with plenty of “green” on the prom I’m not sure it is.
    I think Eastbank street needs some money spent on it, it looks very neglected.
    As Southport has the residential paraplegic unit and lots of old people and nursing homes then making buildings more accessible would be money well spent.
    More things for kids, teens and visitors like roller disco or outdoor ice skating rink (like NY) .Put some bathing huts on the beach to use as shops in the summer selling souvenirs, ice cream, buckets and spades, beach beads, shells, seafood, punch and judy show etc. They can be moved off the beach for winter so they don’t go out with the tide. Really play up the Victorian charm of the town rather than trying to inject modern into a place that just isn’t.
    In fact, like Birkdale Victorian day fair the whole of Southport including the fairground could become a living breathing theme park for a few weeks in the peak of summer, maybe, even the residents could costume up and make it a go to place using the assets it already has. And like everyone else has said we need more shops. Surely lower rents is preferable to no rents?

    1. Love all of these ideas!

      I’m pleading that we bring back the Victorian style and restore the heritage we hold in this town. It’s far too beautiful to replace with modern structures!

      If we were to make these ideas become a reality it will allow Southport to become the most beautiful destination, that it once was.

      I absolutely love the roller disco/ ice skating rink, gardens, and overall outdoor space ideas. Perfect for family adventures or solo activities, it’ll improve our towns fitness, happiness and overall well-being. And more activities will of course entice more visitors in!


      1. The idea of revitalising the Victorian charm would be huge advantage but a living museum is a step too far. Also a great idea about creating space instead of fretting about filling it.. We need tourist and shoppers recreating a piece of the past so we become a global destination and play heavily off the global tourism trade already in Liverpool/ Manchester and the Lakes ( yes timing is poor but) There is nowhere else with the look and feel of Southport don’t ruin it re engineer it add a high tech pleasure land version (Sega World in Tokyo) with the past old buses along Lord Street etc create a Dover Street Market venue in Beales utilising the arcade .Build it and they will come, leave it to fester and we are going to simply become surplus souless housing stock to the NW and beyond.

  9. I agree help the shops on lord street and also promote the golf Connection also some of the guest houses need revamping.

  10. I think they need to attract more businesses to Lord Street, boutique style shops and make Nevill Street classier by bringing Victorian style shops.
    We need better shops to attract visitors instead of the tat.
    Bring back Victorian baths too.

  11. I agree with all the comments about Lord Street. I would like to see something like an outdoor swimming pool which would benefit residents and visitors.
    I’d like to see Pontins area developed into something we can be proud of.

  12. Create a centre for boutique shops and restaurants on lord street and ensure it is somewhere people want to walk and bring back to life the beautiful buildings. Have shops that make people want to travel to see, spend and enjoy.. cross Whitby and Chester to creat a people want to be…

  13. Would love to see Lord Street back up and running, from what I’ve heard the rent is too high for most independent retailers. If they could be supported and find a home on Chapel St it could be great, I love Wesley St, I think it’s such a unique area of town and would love to see more spots in Southport like it. The suggestions for a green spot in Chapel St and moving some of the existing stores there to Lord St are great too. If there was more room for Southport to embrace it’s vintage seaside appeal with independent stores it could make it much more appealing to visitors/day trippers.

  14. Regeneration of lord street is needed. Lower rent prices, encourage chain and independent stores to open to increase the footfall again. The beautiful period buildings that have been left empty (Debenhams, BHS) need to be protected and put to good use, not just selling cheap ‘everything under a fiver’ tat.

  15. Turn Pontins into a University. Might bring a few people in.

    Bring in a few big hitting stores from London to here to fill the empty stores and put them on peppercorn rent.

    Grace period for parking. Maybe free between 12 and 15.00hrs.

    Stop buying rubbish sculptures like spinning fishes on the sea front and on roundabouts and employ gardeners for the parks.

  16. Southport Pleasureland needs to be updated with new thrill seeking rides and maybe a crazy golf course. It would also be great to see an Aquarium and the baths renovated which would attract more visitors. The pier could do with more attractions on it too. The town could also with more shops as a lot of the units are empty but I presume business rates will need to be reduced for this to happen.

  17. Add shops fit for the younger generations and the older generation so that there’s something for everyone. Right now it’s filled with closed stores that don’t see the light of day. Make it easier for businesses to stay open instead of closing then left and right.

  18. There should be an 18-25 year olds recreational centre in order to take young gangs and young offenders off the street and invite them into a more social life with the like of pool tables, table tennis tables, and games consoles inside, this would ultimately end gang and knife violence and create a more respectable society of youth.

  19. The rent prices of the shops on Lord street are outrageous they need to be brought down to help the town survive with both of the big chain shops closing just months apart and shops on chapel street closing too there will soon be nothing left of this once thriving seaside town but charity shops and cafes, I have lived here my whole life and remember when I was younger going out with my mum and grandma at 10 in the morning and being out until 4 because you could do so much and you could count the number of closed shops on one hand now there are whole sections of them gone. Without proper investment and prices going down this town will ceased to exist except for on a rare sunny bank holiday or summer week; but now even that isn’t enough to bring people here as the funfair isn’t how it was and the beach is not maintained.

  20. Need bigger name stores such as John Lewis, Lush, Ted Baker to bring back some style and sophistication. BHS would be perfect for a John Lewis. Just what the town needs. We have too many cheap shops selling rubbish.

  21. I agree. Move the current shops on Chapel street to Lord street. Create a joint bus/rail/taxis /rail car parking and green space were the current train station is and Chapel St.

  22. Get the shelters to the standard of pierre bistro, full length mile long shelter. Make it a cheshire oaks style street open till 8/10pm, with outlet shops such as yanke, ck etc…

  23. Reduce the rates to allow the shops to be facilitated other than as charity shops and free parking in Southport will bring more people to the town I love my town but seriously we have no shops !

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