Please make Wylds Lane safer

There is a serious antisocial behaviour problem on this road, specifically on the one way portion from Sidbury, by Fort Royal Park. Everyday drivers speed dangerously along here, past the entrance steps to Fort Royal Park, where many adults and children enjoy. Cars, vans and lorry’s are also constantly stopping on the double yellow lines, often leaving their engines on causing noise and air pollution. This behaviour not only affecting the residents who live on the road, but it also obscures the view, endangering adults and children who cross the road from the entrance to Fort Royal park. Furthermore, pedestrians with wheelchairs and pushchairs are unable to pass vehicles parked on the pavement on double yellow lines. Please consider installing bollards on the pavement to stop vehicles pulling onto the pavement. Please consider blocking off the entrance to this road to make it safer for everybody.

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  1. 20mph restrictions, road narrowing and pavement parking bans and a residents parking scheme may help.

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