Police doing their job?

I would like to see the Police do some real work rather than hide behind the easy tasks. Do some of the dirty work for once and do something about the organised crime in Boscombe and Bournemouth. It is flooded with drug dealers and trafficking.
Not just the eastern europeans but also locals. Nothing seems to be done about it. You wonder why it seems to be left as it is. Do they simply turn a blind eye to it? Would make a good film, the real side of a tourist town.

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1 comment on “Police doing their job?

  1. Compleyly agree. Open drug dealing on Woodland Walk. Taxi’s bring buyers and wait. Calls to the police with details go unacted. My children are offered drugs. Open dealing on the benches. CCTV is needed and better security will have a greater impact on improving the living experience for all residents. Greter focus on root cause problems which affected everyone. Drugs leads to greater crime rates. Action needed before a fatality.

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