Police funding

I live in a flat with my 2 year old daughter and husband. We live in cavendish road which as you know is used constantly as a route to get to the town centre through horseshoe common. It feels very unsafe here. We have had a homeless drug addict break in to our communal hallway in the past to camp out in the cupboard and smoke cannabis. My daughter was 1 year old at the time, when I came across this person camped out in out hallway cupboard. I was on my own with my daughter and this person was volatile. It was a risky situation where either myself or my baby could have been hurt. The police were informed but nobody ever came. I walk through horseshoe common on a daily basis to get to work and on very frequent occasions I have seen drug use (injecting and the users discarding of needles in the undergrowth in broad daylight), drunken abuse, prostitution etc I feel genuinely unsafe for myself and my daughter. The police need more funding to tackle crime no matter what level please.

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