Policy and Law before Building

I’m an Architect in the bay and work across the Southwest, and grew up here.
While there’s the obvious suggestions of improvements to infrastructure, this is actually (and should be covered) in the local plan, but spending isn’t highly detailed and transparent.
I’d suggest the obvious area for improvement is the Town Centre, where there are several listed buildings of value, but the lack of realistic rental policy on commercial units renders the businesses sited there at high risk / provides an non-sustainable business model.
This isn’t now just effecting small businesses, recent closing of mainstream chains proves this isn’t a viable method to proceed on.
If sustainable and law abiding policy is established, this provides a backbone to all development – private and public investment. No private business will invest in the current market of Torquay – where the multiple effects have been commented on by others here. The cause is lack of sustainable policy by local government.

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