Pop up shop program!

Like Brighton and Bristol Bournemouth is buzzing with creatives, unlike both of these other towns we don’t seem to be profiting from it as well. Our high streets is dying, with a depressing amount of empty shops my suggestion would be a program run by BID to connect small indie businesses with landlords of empty shops, to create small temporary pop up shops with discounted renting prices. This would bring people back into shopping in the town centre rather that shopping centres, support local businesses, and promote the high street to both tourists who will look at Bournemouth as a creative hub and bigger businesses who will see the high street is strong and move bigger businesses in to other empty shops.

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2 comments on “Pop up shop program!

  1. As a small business person myself, I have always thought this was a great idea,
    I was in a pop up shop one year before Christmas in Christchurch and for a nominal rent it was very successfull .,we were mainly a group of home crafters looking to sell our wares which is very difficult in a shop simply because the rents are far too high and we are not a highly profitable trade, so yes the pop up shops would be a welcome addition to any shopping centre

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