Pop Ups – independent businesses

The city would massively benefit from doing a regular food event like Birmingham’s Digbeth Dining Club. This will help indepent food businesses to become more established and maybe enabling them to move into a more permanent premise if that was something they wanted. The region has some incredible produce and talented chefs which should be shown off more. It will also help to create a buzz in a potentially neglected area of town and help with rejunivation as well as encouraging more people to visit the city, likely visiting some of pubs after. Other cities and countries do this fantastically and theres always a wonderful atmosphere.

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2 comments on “Pop Ups – independent businesses

  1. I think Worcester BID already try to do this, have seen events previously on New street,1 but it could definitely be built on & with more support as well as advertising so people know about it & can get involved.
    This could be a real benefit to the city.

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