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Thread 1 – Regeneration of Beckery
The whole of the Beckery area is considered by many Glastonbury residents to be the industrial heartland of the town. Since the monks diverted the River Brue to create the Mill Stream, many industries of all sizes have been founded along the Beckery road. There is now a group of interested parties, mostly charities and social enterprises, ready to work on a Beckery-wide regeneration plan that brings together the local authorities, a ‘Made in Glastonbury’ tag line, land for contemporary manufacturing, artisan workshops, the need for properly affordable housing, improved cycling/walking routes & electric bus and much more. This is an ambitious plan, but clearly possible if there is the will to work together and make it happen.

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5 comments on “Possible threads for Town Deal

  1. Beckery regeneration is a key area that this town fund should be supporting. There are endless posibilities between Bridies Mound, Bridies Yard, Red Brick, Building C, Zig Zag, The skatepark, Jubilee park. There is so much potential. We need to provide youth facilities, nuture creativity and support artisans, provide learning opportunities, and affordable spaces for small businesses.

  2. Thank You Liz !!! at last someone seems to have listened… I’ve been saying this to people (Reach, GFM, commenting on My Town etc etc) since the money was announced . Our town used to produce goods to sell globally we should be doing it again but obviously much more eco aware . Glastonbury needs it’s” Made In” Glastonbury again !

  3. The oldest monastic christian burial site is in this area – a site of national historic importance, known locally as Bride’s Mound or Bride’s Hill. It is vital that the access to this site is appropriate. Beckery Village would like there to be an educational visitor centre along with car parking for disabled people. This would provide jobs as well as be an amenity in keeping with the Heritage status of Glastonbury.

    1. And this approach could be the link between Beckery regeneration and a town-wide thread on heritage and visitor economy/experience.
      I completely agree that access to this nationally important site should be welcoming, accessible, appropriate and educational.

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