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Thread 2 – improved heritage and visitor offer in Glastonbury
Glastonbury has been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years, perhaps longer. Visitors today are drawn by many different aspects of Glastonbury, from Pagan beliefs through medieval and ecclesiastical history, to contemporary offers on wellbeing and improving health.
There must be a possible thread to bring together all those offerings, to increase training in the heritage and health sectors, using the unique Glastonbury name to tie them together and extend the overall offer through the country and indeed throughout the world.
Glastonbury Tor was the centre piece of the Olympics Opening Ceremony, bringing together all the countries of the Olympics. The Tor and the Abbey deserve to be a World Heritage Site. Is this the long-awaited chance to bring all these heritage and visitor threads together and create one world-class offer? Of course it is…..starting with a combined vision backed by all partners in Glastonbury.

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5 comments on “Possible threads for Town Deal

  1. Would be great to do and we really need to enhance visitor facilities at wearyal hill as well to enable it to really live up to its prominence in English mythology.

  2. Pedestrianisation of the High Street would serve to enhance the town, particularly as the stream of visitors here continues to increase.
    During the summer months the narrowness of the pavements combined with the volume of visitors is becoming Safety issue, as it comes increasingly more likely that the frail, disabled, very old and very young lose their footing and fall into the road.
    I would love to see a continental ‘piazza-style’ pedestrianisation of the High Street, complete with cafes with outside tables and chairs on the sunny side, with evergreen hedging in troughs and pots delineating the cafe boundaries as in France.
    There needs to be more space to create more of a feeling of a ‘centre’ to the town, especially for the tourists to explore.I believe this would increase revenue in the shops as it would create more space for visitors to hang around and relax, and would improve the quality of their shopping experience.
    I would also like to see space down by the market cross for a couple of horse-drawn carts/landaus acting as ‘taxis’ and tourist conveyances to take people up and down the High Street and around, as in Killarney, S Ireland.
    I would limit motor vehicles to early morning/late night deliveries, hearses, and emergency service vehicles.

  3. For many years I have been wanting this. The previous application was flawed. Finally this is a real opportunity. In terms of economic benefits and job opportunities, I have identified the following:
    High end tourism and pilgrimage requiring a world class hotel and quality restaurants. A conference centre is much needed already and would be an essential asset.
    The visitors could be further served by an all year round Electric Bus, serving a Park and Ride, the centre of town, the Abbey, all three museums, the Tor and Beckery. There could even be a fourth museum so that artefacts at present kept in the County museum in Taunton could be relocated back to Glastonbury.
    The increased numbers of visitors would provide job opportunities and economic benefit for the shops, cafes, B7Bs, and thereby benefit all the residents of Glastonbury.

  4. Consider partial pedestrianisation of the high street to improve resident and visitor experience of the town and generate more high Street business.

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