Prime the pump!

The Towns Fund could help Worcester prime the pump in three areas: regeneration; green economy; and tourism.
Regeneration: this would help the owners of vacant or underused shops and old commercial buildings convert or redevelop buildings to new mixed uses, including many more mixed tenure homes in the City Centre.
Green economy: colleges and businesses need help in training people for new jobs in the green economy to eliminate unemployment. The City’s Environment Committee could be assisted in setting up green economy advice and marketing centres as we as a special website for same.
Tourism: Investment in weekly holiday or weekend lets should be encouraged and possibly a racegoers’ hotel above the floodplain. More foating mooring stages as at Diglis would welcome narrow boat users etc and a water bus for about 20 people could circulate between them from Diglis weir up to Bevere weir and back. Hydro- electric turbines could be developed on or under the river.

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1 comment on “Prime the pump!

  1. There a world of opportunities to create a Local Economy that works for the benefit of Residents & Tourists Alike.
    One thing to say if City Centre retail units are redeveloped for Residential use. They should necessarily so should be sold without parking spaces.
    City Centre living is a choice & with that choice comes compromise.
    The convenience of proximity to the heart of the City & Transport links versus the choice to live without a car.

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