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I am deeply concerned over the drug/alcohol/mental health problems that are ever increasing over the town of Bournemouth/Boscombe/Poole. The towns are dirtier than ever, the smell of drugs in the air and the behaviours of those under the influence are a cause for concern. The number of homeless people is increasing. Why are these people not a priority. Even with a ‘new’ Boscombe these people will still be here, and will still need help and support. Tourism may decrease significantly due to the state of the towns at the moment. Why are material things being out before people? I would like to speak to someone about this directly. I am pregnant and want to know what the future holds for my child, living here.

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  1. The overriding issues that could spoil the future relate to the people who will live around and in the proposed development. The current population is very cosmopolitan and will staying. What will the expected make-up of the newcomers be and what will entice them to move to or upgrade into the proposed oasis. Where are all the people who need to live at the lower cost of the housing going to spend their time. The reasons why I shop in Boscombe are that I can walk there from the east of east cliff and there is the Arcade and associated covered shopping and the pedestrian precinct.

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