Prioritise public transport

Please prioritise bus transport – I get the bus to the town centre most days and would like to see ways to get other people on the buses but also ways that can prioritise buses through the town.

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4 comments on “Prioritise public transport

  1. I agree , increasing the frequency of buses should be prioritised and the real time information of buses should also be improved

  2. I agree..spend on many many more and cheapest buses with priority over other get us out of our cars. Have a free buses for a whole year to kickstart it

  3. I agree , there are still over 800 homes in the half of Lymm that had 2 buses taken off that have no access to public transport . Many are elderly or infirm . This results in isolation , mental health issues , loneliness and difficulties getting basic amenities – shops, doctors leisure facilities.
    A bus could result in cars being used less , improving our carbon footprint .

  4. The bus fares are ridiculously high and most people refuse to pay them dont understand why they put free wifi on buses rather than reducing fares

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