Probably too late now…

Street parking within the the town should be free. The town struggles to attract visitors as it is given the number of empty retail spaces in the centre (i.e. Lord Street/Chapel Street etc.) So the added concept of paying when you arrive gives less incentive to visit.

Additional funding should be made to existing green/recreational spaces incl. local sports clubs who will be struggling, particularly in current circumstances.

The condition of the roads are pathetic with the number of potholes etc. The council resurfaces roads that don’t need it whilst at the same time avoid the areas that do e.g the T junction at the Thatch pub (constantly sinking).

The Manchester train line is shocking in terms of reliability and cost. The cost definitely does not reflect the service provided.

There needs to be more incentive for Landlords to reduce the rents in the town to get Tenants. i.e easing planning restrictions, lowering rates, monetary contributions to undertake certain works??

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