Professional Rugby Team

I suggest that Milton Keynes chooses to increase the number of professional sports teams it has. MK Dons in their first 15 or so years has been a success with thousands attending and their short-lived academy producing an England Player. I propose we diversify with an investment into a rugby team, a pre-existing or new one, to represent Milton Keynes. The Saracens vs Saints games that used to be hosted at Stadium MK used to nearly sell out the stadium – which the football rarely does – and the same could be said for the World Cup. For which held the record attendance for the Stadium MK. It would be an economic benefit with supports coming across the country, like London, Newcastle and Exeter. But also would benefit socially, with getting more Children involved in sport as well, lowering child obesity which is a concerning matter. It has potential to be better supported than the football and also improve the lives of many. All big Cities have a team like Leicester, Manchester and London

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