Programs for young people

Young people in Colchester are surrounded by unwanted influences from all sides. The media has stripped away the need to meet face to face and as a result young people do not see their place in the town and have no reason to be part of it. Heaven knows there are areas of Colchester not deemed safe or considered ‘bad neighborhoods’. By introducing town-centric programs for teens aged 12-17 you provide work experience, opportunity for personal growth, confidence building and much more. And once an area can be made into something to be proud of people will no longer self-fulfille the prophecies associated with where they live. The reduction in youth services has seen an increase in gang-related knife crime and the insurgency of county lines members into our town and the surrounding areas. Working in a public service industry I witness first hand the vulnerability of our citizens to aggressive ne’er-do-wells. Please focus less on shopping centres and more on social services and youths.

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