Promoting Sustainable Transport

Create joined up safe cycle routes to main Employment; Schools & Retail areas. At the same time develop car free areas thus encouraging the move away from cars.
Fund the building of more affordable/shared ownership homes close to town centre office developments.

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2 comments on “Promoting Sustainable Transport

  1. Safe space for cyclists. Lanes that are wide enough, continuous, free of grit, leaves, dogs and parked cars. Stop mixed use for cyclists and pedestrians unless there are separately marked lanes. Stop wasting money on so called cycle lanes where you have to give way at driveways, junctions and roundabout exits… they don’t get used. Stop building traffic calming chicanes that are dangerous for cyclists. Mark door opening space where parking is allowed. Place white lines in the centre of the useable carriageway, not the physical carriageway, where parking is allowed one side. Mandate that dogs should be on a short lead within 5m of a cycle lane.
    Create uninterrupted cycle routes on tarmac, not just East-West across the conurbation but also North South to get across the river and after that across the B3073 and A31 safely.
    As a provocation, start by imagining that all streets are one-way for cars and two-way for bikes… see how that can break the mindset that cars take priority everywhere.

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