Proper and Consistent Funding for Council’s

Our Council has received zero Government funding for last 2 years and over £3m in cuts since 2010, leading in part to a Section 24 Notice. This has lead to substantial cuts to our voluntary groups and closure of help and premises for small businesses. Area’s and our Town Centre are being run down with more and more shops/businesses closing or moving out.

It clearly needs more investment and consistent funding than just bits of funding to bid for and hoping they will be accepted.

The Towns Fund Board appears to be made up of Conservative Councillors and local MP, leaving out vital input from the public and involved Groups.

We need open and more local involvement to make consultation and ideas have real meaning. It’s in fear of becoming a paper exercise where ideas never get listened to and selected feedback with decisions/outcomes are just made.

Some excellent ideas given in the comments. These ideas must be fed back to the Board and gain public involvement.

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1 comment on “Proper and Consistent Funding for Council’s

  1. I agree about the board composition and we have been repeatably told public consultation meetings will be held. This should be a priority. This Gov site is not well publicised and how do people without internet access get their voice heard?

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