Protect our heritage

Smethwick is replete with not only a stunning neglected public buildings but also a number of derelict factories along the B4135 facing the canals. Preserving the buildings along this road while also reanimating them and redeveloping the area with mid-density, car free residential development will introduce more people to the area to support the high street as well as utilise Rolfe Street station on the same road. Residential around Smethwick so far has been car-centric even though the town has good bus links and two rail stations. Improving the paving and the public realm along the high street will also ensure that the heritage buildings along it are given due respect.

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3 comments on “Protect our heritage

  1. Although technically the bus links arent that great, they are only good on main roads, the residental roads by us have had bus links removed, which makes getting around difficult not everyone is near the main buses and rail stations

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