Protection and regeneration of green space

Development should be done in areas that have previously been built on. The derelict buildings that consume the outskirts of the town centre should be the areas that are rebuilt to protect Warrington’s green space. Not only are these areas visually polluting they take up land but serve no purpose. Money should be invested in protection, improving and creating green space in order to make Warrington a more sustainable place. Money should also be spent to make Warrington more environmentally friendly, by trying to encourage methods that do not cause climate change, such as improved public transport, cycle routes and footpaths. Improvements to energy resources, that make them more renewable.

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1 comment on “Protection and regeneration of green space

  1. why does the council give up green field sites to development? Further to this studies into the effect on our health of this continued industrialised growth should be completed.
    Greenfield sites should be ringfenced and support offered to land owners to improve the spaces by planting more trees and fauna to brighten up our areas. Investing in greenery around warrington would have a great impact on peoples well being.

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