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Scarborough has loads to do for young families who like being outdoors…especially on sunny summer days. But come rain and bad weather and for our local young people, there’s nowhere to go and not much to do, unless you want to spend a lot of money or travel at least an hour to a city. A modern multi-screen cinema is an ESSENTIAL amenity that our town lacks. A full indoor climbing wall would be a welcome addition to young working professionals alike. A second dedicated lane swimming pool would help to encourage our keen local swimmers, allowing the general public to access more general swimming sessions. Our empty retail units desperately need investment and regeneration….reduce the rates and support local enterprises to get a foot on the business ladder.

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10 comments on “Provide for the youth

  1. go down to the skate park in summer it is crammed. we need an indoor skate park – somewhere that can also be used for other activities such as roller skating

    1. Agree, there’s loads of potential here to support young people and generate income and more attractions for visitors. So many benefits to this idea.

  2. More appealing youth clubs? There are so many teenagers just hanging about in town causing trouble. It’s such a nuisance. They need to be engaged into something productive they could work on

  3. Provide inspirational services for youth groups from the local community to enable a more aspirational attitude.
    Expand opportunities for young adults with learning difficulties and those from underprivileged backgrounds by giving grants and training etc .
    Provide links between these groups and businesses that benefits both .

  4. The (currently) derelict changing rooms and sunbathing area near the old outdoor pool would be great centre for the indoor activities listed above – but we would need to make sure that that the cost wouldn’t be prohibitive to young people?
    This could make a good base for the Wave project too maybe?

  5. An outdoor education Center that could provide activities such as climbing, archery, team building activities, surfing, walking, orienteering and mountain biking in the winter.
    In the other seasons it could offer sailing, powerboating, stand up paddling, kayaking and surfing. There is potential to link up with the surf school in North Bay and Scarborough Yacht Club in South Bay.
    This could be available for all ages, school groups, families, team building and corporate activities.
    Being along the coast it could also offer classroom training to an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) standard.

  6. More For Younger Children To Do Come Rain Or Shine

    Longer Or More Frequent Swimming Times

    More Job Opportunities By Getting Shops And Retail Back Up And Running Again

    More Free Family Groups Bothe Antenatal And Post-Natal

  7. There needs to be more variety of swimming lessons provided, currently Everyone Active provide swimming lessons up to level 10 and most recently they have added life saving, however, unless the child wants to compete there is nothing else that keeps their interest. Both our children are not competitive but loved swimming, though stopped at level 10 as there were nothing else that suited them and our hectic lifestyle, so we had to stop. The other option was kingfishers, which is promoted there, but there regime did not fit in with our busy schedule.

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