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  1. It isn’t clear where you can go to the toilet. Entering into a random pub is not easy for some people, especially those with health conditions.

    Some toilets are up stairs and not all are clean.

    We need central toilets that are spotless.

  2. Totally agree there should be recognisable public toilets open in the town, the current system of various businesses allowing access to their toilets, whilst very generous of them, is not easily recognised by either visitors or locals. Cornwall used to stand out for its provision of clean accessible public loos but now you just have to cross your legs. People need public loos that they can easily recognise and access.

  3. Yes definitely. Clean, free public toilets for locals and holidaymakers. Two in different central areas would be wonderful.

  4. Definitely more toilets, infact just one public toilet in the town center would be great. For a family with young children like myself we are put off from staying in town for too long as we all know kids cannot hold their bladder, no shops have customer toilets and restaurants are mostly customers only, we end up driving to long rock to they supermarkets In long rock as we know we have a toilet readily available.
    Why not a public toilet pod or the street urinals like they have all over European cities for the ‘stand up pee’er’ no more peeing in back alleys and in shop door ways, it would make the town cleaner for starters.
    How can we respect a town that doesn’t respect itself?

  5. Are we that primitive we cannot off we our valued visitors a public place to pee!!! Come on time to get in line!!!!!

  6. We need more public toilets not the car park not ugly creative work spaces on a heritage site at the top of Causewayhead –

  7. Public toilets are a necessity in the town if you want people to use the town we need goid facilities. At present the only toilets in the town are the station which is not user friendly due to the distance you need to go. This us not goid fir disabled or children.

  8. Tourism is one of the main income generators for this area. Closing public toilets is a very shortsighted way to save money which affects locals and visitors. Even if there is a small charge for using the toilets that will be better than not having them at all. In places where private landowners make large sums of money from car parking fees perhaps they could fund the upkeep of the public toilets in that area?

  9. Even having one set of the public toilets near the town centre would be a huge help there are elderly pregnant women and large visiting numbers that would all benifit from being able to use a public toilet in the town without having to buy something from a shop in order to use the toilets

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