Public transport

I would like Peterborough to have a comprehensive, green transport system with fast track bus lanes. Problems:
Too time consuming, 10-15 mins to get anywhere by car but 30+ on the bus
Too expensive £4+ one way Yaxley-town but two people can get a taxi for £7
Too unreliable, it’s common knowledge of how awful the bus timetable is in all areas of Peterborough

Key areas to travel to:
Town centre
Serpentine green
Orton Southgate
Peterborough hospital
Peterborough regional
Werrington business parks

These areas need busses that come direct from town through a bus lane and do not stop much on the way(only critical stops)

People are travelling from all areas of Peterborough to get to these places primarily for work as you can tell every morning and evening.

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