Public transport

I suggest the council takes back control of the bus networks, lowers fares, and gives real incentives to local people to leave their cars at home. The climate emergency won’t wait. I also suggest we ban the return of Conor Burns’ mates’ oil rig and get our offshore wind farm installed as soon as possible.

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13 comments on “Public transport

  1. I agree with this.

    The prices are increased regularly and the services are cut.
    This needs to change, to make public transit a viable option for those who would use it.

    The latest example:

    The early morning 4 bus which services Moordown and areas north of Bournemouth enabling commuters to actually make it to a train that goes to London on time was cut.

    This forced a great deal of commuters to walk to the 5 bus stop on the corner of Wimbourne road and Ensbury Park road, which turns up at a later time (meaning they miss their train often and end up arriving late for work). This in turn, makes the 5 bus more congested and arrive at destinations later than usual due to the increased passage of people being picked up / dropped off making everyone else late as well.

    Of course, for some, this means that the bus service is no longer viable and they have to resort to cars since their job will be at risk.

    It also has to be noted that this is not the only service being cut, with Poole bus station notably being disregarded. I am unsure what other services have been cut across the network but I am sure those who use it in their locality would know.

    The bus drivers themselves, surprisingly, don’t know. They have recognised people from early morning commutes on other buses and are confused over the switch and increased numbers – only to be told by the commuters what the situation is.

    It would seem that the bus companies are more interested in profits and not very interested in providing a decent public transit service.

    With decreased services and increased fares, if such a trend continues then it would become inevitable for people who use public transit to eventually start using cars (if they haven’t already) because using a bus simply stops being a viable option.

    I have seen people post concerns about the environment, taking care of the bus services can also help there. If there are less cars on the road and more people are encouraged to use public transport, then a frequent and efficient public transit system that gets people places where and when they need it can certainly help reduce the number of cars on the road.

    If there is no such option, people who otherwise would use public transport are forced to add more cars to the road.

  2. Better & more reliable bus services to Christchurch, more cycle lanes incorporated with roads to make pavements safer for all (getting seriously dangerous now)

  3. Re instate the trolly buses network from Christchurch to Poole and other suburbs,
    Build a train station at Boscombe.

  4. I agree with lowering bus fares but ONLY for local residents & for all ages not just 60’s & students, many people travel to work via car because bus fares are high & routes are often congested
    I also support the wind farm, it would still give a great view of our fantastic coastline & add even more interest, that oil rig is ugly & sends out the wrong message so needs to go
    I disagree with more cycling paths, walking through the town centre is already dangerous enough with all the thoughtless cyclists we already have, the council need to employ more wardens to patrol the cliff tops, gardens & local parks to deter anti-social behavior & make Bournemouth friendlier & more welcoming for residents & visitors

  5. Agree better, cheaper and more busses and not just in the centre, better “countdown” displays al ALL bus tops. And more investment in eco energy, yes to the off shore wind farm, better to look at a wind farm than the constant drift of pollution that can often be seen floating along the coast, no more NIMBY send it elsewhere, they should be everywhere!

  6. Create a Tram Network running within and surrounding Bournemouth town centres and other areas.
    Environmentally friendly, reducing Traffic & Congestion and will bring added footfall to the local areas and trade.

  7. A creation of suitable bus fares that would suit all ages would be beneficial for everyone. It would be good to have a range of bus services available that results in it taking a shorter route if there is no one at the stops and potentially have free parking to bring people into the town on certain days as well!

  8. I totally agree with the part that the public transport should be cheaper, because that will make more people quit their cars and go by bus, so the pollution will lower its level

  9. Discounts for 60 plus if free pass is too expensive to encourage us to leave our cars at home. Make town centre totally car free and invest in electric buses with cheaper fares for all . Better cycle paths as it is very dangerous cycling around bournemouth the net work is not joined up. Make all car parks £1 all day for residence of the bournemouth Poole and christchurch conurbation

    1. I agree that the bus prices need to be reduced.
      I also agree with comments about changing our energy. However, a wind farm ruining the gorgeous coastline we have should not be an option. Wind farm elsewhere please.

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