Quality shops, less beggars, more police

Find a way to attract quality shops into The Old Square shopping centre… potentially lovely shopping space which has only one attraction – Debenhams. Been empty for far too long.
Knock down the eyesore buildings along Stafford Street and make it a more welcoming Street leading to our town.
Deal with homeleas/beggars in town. They have increased over the last 2 years and we need police on the beat to report it to.
Cant remember the last time I saw one. At least twice a day I’m approached for money and as begging IS illegal it would be nice if there was an officer around to report these incidents too. We need an anti social behaviour deterrent in the town. Had none for so long. Bring a central police station back too. Too easy to get away with crime currently, knowing that it will take time to get police in attendance.

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