Radical redevelopmen of Waste water facilities

Truro is notorious for its flooding and the sewage treatment plan at Newham industrial estate unfortunately has an extremely poor track record for discharge raw sewage in to the Carrick roads and Truro waterways.

My suggestion is to use some of this funding to build a new recycled water facility for the city replacing the current sewage system and a revitalisation of existing or build new sewer ways for the City.

A recycled water facility much like the successfully implemented scheme in Singapore would result in a drastic change in the water quality of the Truro and surrounding area, would remove Sewage overflow systems discharge waste in to our loved waterways and make Truro self sustaining in its environmental footprint.

The opportunity to revitalise the drainage/sewage system in the city could prevent hundreds of businesses and homes from flooding in the future costs the local economy dearly.
Let’s make our city waters the cleanest they can be and protect our city.

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