Rail industry booming

Set up skill’s training for local industry’s

Lets take advantage of the expanding railway carriage industry

With the new Siemens Train factory being constructed in Goole
On a 67 acre site costing over £200m
Hitachi and Wabtec both in Doncaster employing hundreds of people

Hitachi who employ time served skilled men

Wabtec who look for competent trained workers who can adapt to refurbishing carriages

Optaire in Leeds building buses
Ortrages and Harrison’s in Goole converting vehicles for mobility
and the ambulance service

There are also lots of other small firms building anything from trailers, fire engines, camper van conversions and specialist one off vehicles

As a time served Coachbuilder I see that there is little or no training routes into this trade
The closest collage that I know of teaching Coachbuilding is in Coventry
Lets get Castleford on the front line in training of young and mature adults in the Coachbuilding industry, improving prospect, for Yorkshire

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