Rail – Park and Cycle setup

Hereford has probably the worst travel experience for a small urban area in Europe.

It is congested with trunk road through traffic, limited parking for visitors and shoppers, Train services that are expensive to local neighbouring towns.

I propose a discounted ticket scheme for train users from Leominster, Abergavenny, and Ledbury. – Use Council Tax reference to get discount via an app. And a proper discount, not some rubbish, which barely makes it worthwhile, for all users.

Build a car park facility, with e-bikes and dedicated route maybe using disused railway lines to get visitors into the city, without adding more buses, to congested roads. – The focus is efficiency, and E-bikes would give even less fit users to use the park and cycle scheme. Also those who want to use their own bike can.

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67 comments on “Rail – Park and Cycle setup

  1. A complete Ring Road is the only answer to the City traffic problems.
    Skylon Industrial Park will be linked to the ring system bringing traffic from all directions instead of destroying our beautiful countryside.

    Cars maybe the polluters now but in the future the same number or more vehicles will need the same amount of road space but will be using hydrogen or electricity as a source of energy.
    Just build our RING-ROAD and improve the city residents living quality.

  2. Some improvements to roads around Madley / Bridge Sollars / Stretton Sugwas would create a “by pass” using existing roads, no need for a new big bypass. Also a bridge from across the Wye from Rotherwas to Hampton Dene, even if you have a weight restriction to limit it to cars and vans. A railway station at Pontrilas and Rotherwas. Then start dealing with the more URGENT ISSUES – Social Housing – a sensible building plan for more social housing within city limits and on good bus routes, less big 4/5 bedroom houses which locals can’t afford. Solar panels on all new built social houses. Encouragement and help for businesses to set up and remain in Hereford long term, not just short term rate reductions to get them to come, and then see them move on when the help stops. Hereford has one of the best sixth form colleges in the country, but youngsters then move away to further education and don’t return, this trend needs to be reversed. The government could lead the way by moving one of it’s departments out of London and into Hereford.

  3. The trains from Hereford to Abergavenny a 20 minute journey is £7.50 for a student price. Yet the minimum wage for an hour is less then that. Working for an hour and a half for a 20 minute train journey Is ridiculous. There should be reductions on the train fare. Heck I got a train to London for £13 from hereford !!

  4. A park and cycle and going carbon neutral is the least of Herefords traffic problems or problems in general. An overhaul of the current maintenance systems of all roads through out the county is required, every where you go the current road conditions are dangerous. Road works are slow to be finished causing excessive traffic queues, and not to mention the actual road plans (new roads included) are inefficient. People in Herefordshire are always going to be using their cars to get in/out of town, it’s a rural county and the public transport is unreliable and as expensive as having/using a car, to think other wise would be silly. Implementing a cycle initiative will not solve all the traffic issues in Hereford and until complete it would cause more issues than it would solve. A bypass is a sensible option to reduce the traffic trying to get to the other side of Hereford with out causing congestion in the city centre, it has be called for since before I was born and ignoring and writing off because it might not fit the carbon neutral idea is small minded as it would reduce the congestion for those travelling further than Hereford and/or its outskirts. If they were to invest in the bypass and get that sorted we would find it would reduce city centre traffic and then they could look into making the centre more cycle friendly whilst causing the least amount of disruption.

  5. We need a bypass or to make the ‘ring road’ a full ring with a new road bridge, so that traffic can actually flow through the city. If a bypass was built, the inner city roads such as commercial road, blueschool street and newmarket street could be pedestrian and cycle only, improving the air quality in our city centre!

  6. Sustainability and renewable energy should absolutely be a priority, instead of encouraging carbon emissions with a bypass. If Hereford is to reach its carbon neutral goal by 2030, it is imperative that we take action. The success of the Beryl Bike scheme will only be amplified with more resources and investment.

  7. We dont need a bypass, this will simply encourage people to keep using their cars, which does not align with Herefordshire council’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Creation of a new bypass does not address the severity of the climate emergency and supports a business as usual approach. We need better public transport in Herefordshire – it is currently unaffordable and simply not fit for purpose; of course people are going to keep using their cars while it’s in this state. We need more frequent services with more areas covered, and we also need polite and professional transport staff. Opening up old railways would be a brilliant step towards achieving this.

  8. no to the bypass!! this would go completely against hereford council’s promise of 0 carbon by 2030! invest the money in public transport- cheaper rail travel and more frequent busses! safer cycle routes would be great- especially in school/college areas to encourage kids to cycle to school. repair the roads we already have- the potholes in this county are abysmal and really dangerous for cyclists.

  9. no bypass – a waste of council money and will only encourage more people to drive into hereford. there are already other ways of driving around hereford and avoiding traffic. i agree with making public transport better, spending money on reopening disused rail lines and discounting rail cards so that they’re more affordable. but a bypass will do more harm to hereford in the long term and is simply a quick, short term solution with more future problems that with make it counterproductive.

  10. Hereford needs a bypass and the train to stop at Pontrilas Station. ALso a well thought out system for getting children to school during term time, so to avoid so many journeys through the centre of Hereford.

    All these have been talked about for the last 30 years and none of them implemented.

    Hereford will die if the councillors don’t start to action some of this.

  11. Hereford needs a bypass, everyone who lives here knows it, some will deny it but it is a fact! Maintenance of the roads that we already have is abysmal, the rates are too high for many small businesses to afford so more and more shops are becoming empty. We need some free parking to encourage people to shop in the city and we certainly don’t need more cycle lanes and fancy buses. Our local councils need intervention from the government to make them do what the ratepayers and all residents need instead of their pie in the sky ideas that will benefit no-one.

  12. Bypass yes. Theres already a decent road from a49 to skyline park cznt they take it from there. The bridge sollers road is basically the bypass at the moment. When it was closed recently, because of more than usual flooding, the a465 had tsil backs as far back as the turn off for clehonger, madley. Also why is king street full of estate agents? The road leading up to the main tourist asset of the city, the cathedral, not nice restaurants and shops to attract tourists just estate agents! We live in madley and rarely travel into hereford because of the appalling traffic at Belmont.

  13. Please will the council listen to all the above suggestions not put their heads in the sand and say we need more time so loose the money that has been allocated for the bypass and another bridge or 2 before we loose what we have in this lovely city

    1. Yes but a bypass that goes right around the city not as proposed before across Kings Acre road as that is within the city limits

  14. Turning the lines into a tram setup instead of all the Co2 in the area it would be easier and people wouldn’t be scared to go down them at night. Or sorting out all the potholes its terrible for them.

    1. The sheer amount of traffic that has to pass right through Hereford city centre coming in from Wales, Ross/M50 and up to Leominster/the north west or vis-versa alone surely makes a good enough business case for this traffic to pass around the outside of the city. Add in additional housing sites being constructed; a hotel in town, a new university, then we’re heading for gridlock unless traffic can be shifted to the outskirts.

  15. A bypass is definitely needed .It will encourage people back into the town to shop I know lots of people who avoid Hereford just because of the traffic and the amount of time it takes to get into town.

    1. This is terrible for the businesses in Hereford we should do things to encourage people to come to our lovely city

  16. -Two new bridges, one from Belmont over the Wye the other a route from the A4103 over the Wye to Rotherwas. Congestion at Belmont to ASDA is legendary.
    -Parking charges: first 2 hours free and free after 6pm. Encourage folk to shop and use local evening entertainment to keep town alive.
    -Free parking: for fully electric vehicles (cars, vans, bikes) include more secure cycle parking facilities.
    -Replace the small railway bridge & traffic lights on the A4103 by the Listers garage with a bigger, wider, straighter one; remove the lights to free the flow of vehicles. Will reduce pollution, noise and congestion.
    -Ban cars idling in school zones during the school run hours, that needs to be enforced regularly! This can be done now, air quality is shocking, covert air sampling by environmental health needed.
    -All city licensed taxis to be fully electric by 2022 – subsidised by a grant from the fund supported with charging points at key taxi rank locations.
    -Local hopper busses to be hybrid (as current battery technology limits range), reduce noise and local pollution, especially idling at lights and in the gridlock.
    -Exemptions for fully electric delivery vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, bikes, scooters etc) at double yellow lines (provided they are not causing an obstruction) when delivering/collecting. Delivery vehicles are a fact of life, encourage electric ones to be given an advantage over IC engined ones.
    -Improve rural bus provision: must provide better coverage for school runs as well as supporting rural communities more out of hours.

  17. Without a doubt, Hereford needs a bypass. This will improve:
    Air quality in the centre
    The ability for cyclist to share roads safely
    Make Hereford more desirable to stop in
    Make Hereford note enjoyable to be in as a resident

  18. We need something strong and worth spending money on that’s going seriously impact traffic flow. A bypass or something fast !!! The traffic is set to get worse as new buildings spring up increasing population. Something really needs doing. Pot holes and roads need renewal. Those two things would make hereford revitalised in a big way.

  19. We need a bypass nothing will ever change without building more roads, Hereford is the most congested small city and takes an hour to cross town in peak times. It’s ridiculous that we do not have a bypass for lorries to divert around town and for ease of access.

  20. The proposal is to spend up to 25 million pounds on discounted train tickets and e-bikes. Are you mad. The money from the Government is to benefit Hereford as a city. Not everyone needs or are able to use trains, so that limits the number of people benefiting. Surely the idea is to attract more people to Hereford. I rarely see anybody cycling through the Hereford either, including Beryl bikes. The roads are too dangerous for one. Has anybody suggested a bypass yet? Listen to the people, we are getting desperate. An additional bridge crossing over the Wye even. Or improvement to rural roads leading to the city of Hereford. Too much pyramid business structure in Hereford Council, who don’t listen to the bottom

  21. We don’t necessarily need a bypass but we do need another bridge over the river (atleast 1) so drivers have an option to alleviate the bottle neck of the current city centre crossing. Rotherwas side would make sense with increase of industrial estate size!

  22. At present, Hereford probably has some of the worst traffic congestion in the West Midlands.

    I propose that any funding gifted to the City of Hereford be spent on a bypass. Hereford currently only has one main river crossing which goes through the centre if the city. A bypass, linked to additional briges across the River Wye would help to alleviate this.

    However, it must be stressed that the route of a bypass must not be decided by the local council and housing developers. The local council cannot be trusted to make decisions that benefit the city. Hereford needs to encourage more industry into the area first before more housing is required.

    1. Hereford is desperate for a bypass. The lack of one is killing our city because no one wants of either visit, shop or do business here due to the traffic congestion. Hereford #hereyoucansitintraffic

  23. Improve/create bicycle routes – help reduce congestion, improve health and well-being.
    Financial support for local restaurants particularly those who cater well for young families.
    Fund the street lighting in poorly lit areas.

  24. Bypass to cut down on traffic and congestion in the town! Hereford is an absolute nightmare for this always has been always will be

  25. Hereford clearly needs a Bypass. The traffic is at a standstill throughout the day and is contributing to more damage to the environment, as well as slowing emergency response vehicles and causing people to avoid visiting from outlying towns. The damage to the local economy, residents wellbeing and safety and the environment should not be ignored.

    The recent floods have also been devastating and poorly managed, better planning is needed, and invested money could be used to create ways to contain floods.

  26. Discounted price for train journeys from the towns near to Hereford would be very wise move as it would save a lot of car journeys so also help the environment

    1. I completely agree a bypass and bridges are essential. But I fear the council will not listen as per usual. Not until the large Companies decide enough is enough and leave. Hereford Councillors are untrustworthy.

  27. I feel there needs more spending to improve the condition of roads. Lots of irregular roads not good for health of vehicles. The pavements need repairs. The footpaths get water logged with a minimal of rainfall.

  28. In the name of everyone, I think what we definitely need the most is a Ring Road/a bypass for Hereford….
    Traffic is a nightmare sometimes and for those who are crossing our town is more beneficial to avoid all the congestion, not to mention the pollution caused by this factor.

  29. Build bypass and more roads outside Hereford
    Too much traffic in Hereford and just one bridge for all the town

  30. Bypass please!! The traffic is a nightmare in Hereford!!

    Also more late busses! The last bus to Rotherwas area is at 6pm, which is too early for the last one, leaving this side of town (Patson etc) with no busses after 6.30pm.

    Can we also have at least 1 late train from Birmingham, please?? The last one is at 21.25 (21.20 on weekends), which is not late enough! So people going to the shows or coming late from airport are forsed to drive or stay in the hotel. Would be good to have a train at 23.00-ish from Birmingham please

  31. Hereford is not a big metropolis, it’s a market town… Public transport schemes are useless for people living rurally that want to shop or get through. Hereford needs a bypass to ease pollution and be ready for the electric cars which are going to be the norm from 2040. The green tinted spectacles need to see the bigger picture… Borris bikes don’t do anything for Joe blogs that wants to come into the town to go clothes shopping, then adds, then b&q. The suggestion of adding more empty buses to sit in the same traffic is ridiculous, no city congestion restrictions could ever be implemented to enforce public transport until a viable bypass exists anyway.
    Please see sense, this council is killing the life in this town quicker than the pollution will.

  32. Is that it?? A few bikes and a car park will solve all of Herefords problems, that has got to be the most ludicrous and single purpose plan I’ve ever heard of!

    A bypass the one thing people have been campaigning to get for over 30 years! And still it’s not done, and the university that’s a total waste of money and public resources. Mismanagement of funding that’s what I would call this entire plan in its entirety!

  33. We desperately need a bypass to the east of the city not the west, this would massively help the congestion in the town. A bridge across the wye is whats needed. More cycling routes would also be appreciated!

  34. Hereford needs a bypass to ease congestion. This is a huge bone of contention in the city.
    I support more bike lanes and making use of the tow path for bikes, however the culture of the people also need to change. People enjoy driving in hereford and I am unsure if they will choose to bike rather than drive. Bus culture is very low and I doubt people will utilise this if investment is made to buses.
    The huge problem is the hundreds of houses being built with no thought for the extra people and cars this puts on the roads. Central government need to be realistic about their crazy housing targets.

  35. The traffic in our CITY is an absolute disgrace the A49 trunk road through has heavy traffic that could easily avoid the city centre if we had a bypass. It’s not good enough to have suggestions of a tram, more buses and bikes. The CITY needs to thrive and more people would visit if they could actually get into Hereford. The chopping and changing of decisions on the bypass is a disgrace and so much money wasted. Put it to the people! Or better still built the bypass make life easier for all of us!

  36. Reduced parking costs, Reduced rural bus fares and a bypass combined with extra bridges crossing the river Wye will alleviate our traffic issues.

  37. Reduced parking costs, Reduced rural bus fairs and a bypass combined with extra bridges crossing the river Wye will alleviate our traffic issues.

  38. Making the roads actually drivable on as well wouldn’t go a miss as they are in terrible condition. No wonder we have so many accidents, people cant concentrate because they are watching out for potholes!

  39. A bypass is needed. I’ve spent an extra 10 hours this week in traffic!! I’m actually threaders living here and have reached for a large gin! This is unacceptable, I would encourage any businesses not to come to Hereford because it’s pointless and transporting goods is a joke. Get a grip Government, get the bypass.

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