Railway to Glastonbury via Shepton Mallet link

I would love to see the railway brought back to Glastonbury to ease congestion and relieve busy roads.

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12 comments on “Railway to Glastonbury via Shepton Mallet link

  1. Yes, Ian, great idea, it ticks the box for ‘Local Transport’ interventions and would provide commuter access to the rail network which is currently only accessible by road link to Castle Cary, Bridgwater or Bath/Bristol from Glastonbury.

    If a modern, clean/green electric rail (such as a monorail https://www.hitachi-rail.com/products/rolling_stock/monorail/index.html) spur or link connected (north of Glastonbury) to Shepton Mallet, which in turn connected to Castle Cary, a viable route would be possible.

    Just two matters to consider: possible locations for a rail station (it would appear) have now been built on, those inside the Town Deal Fund boundary, so this would have to be a project funded from some other source of money; and secondly it would depend on a whole new line going from Shepton Mallet to join a main line station – Castle Cary or Bath – and all of those issues would involve other communities. On the plus side, if planners want to see mid-Somerset grow to accommodate larger populations in expanding towns, then better transport links (road and rail) will have to be considered as necessary infrastructure needs… latest electric rail transport having the lower emissions and greener footprint.

  2. Yay, absolutely!
    Everybody wins.
    Instead of having to go all the way to Bristol to access most trains, potential passengers can catch trains from Shepton Mallet or Glastonbury.
    It makes good sense for the environment, ordinary people and businesses. I think it will be very popular.
    Let’s at least campaign and try it out.

  3. I agree. Glastonbury would really benefit from a rail connection. I don’t know much about the old line but if feasible it should be considered

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