re-developmet zoning

Rather than trying to tackle re-development of shopping areas at once, divide into zones. Focusing priority on these from the square outwards, or particular streets. Get these up and running and from lessons learnt, can use in other zones to improve on. Lower rents for shops, or attact certain types of shops so a desitonation, maybe even outlets, but not retail parks, but in town centre. Attract in social services or comminity service based projects, so draw people in to use these faclities, then will use surrounfing aresa shops. Change use of shops to residential, old people homes as all they need on the doorstep. Attract students Lincoln and Nottingham, promote as commutable to London. Promote option of local currency, so spend in local shops, could be done by a proportion of council tax refunded to encouage this? Build on the music school and link up to partner with recognised muisc school and promote cultural develop, a national theartre, ballet or gallery in the corn exchange.

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4 comments on “re-developmet zoning

  1. Newark is a beautiful Historic town and should be made more a ‘visitor destination’ yes it needs more shops for us locals, but we also need footfall from more visitors.
    The market used to be the best in the county, now, apart from a few stalwart stalls, has become a bit of a flea market!
    The Buttermarket ‘was’ a hive of activity, now just a rat run thoroughfare, however the newly open Tambo Lounge is a very welcomed revival to the town.
    There needs to be some blue sky thinking about what Newark has, and make it better, the old Corn Exchange building could be a major focal point with sympathetic redevelopment not only focuses from the town side but also the riverside.
    We love our town and we need to see the potential and act upon it.

  2. Agree with above get a Primark 🙂
    It would be good to have a White post farm/newfield dairy equivalent -more places with spaces for children like Whisby.

    1. Newark could really benefit from free parking, or at least a reasonably priced park-and-ride service, to encourage more people to visit. Newark also has potential as a ‘commuter town’, and this could be better advertised beyond the local sphere. Empty shops may be more successful as cafés/services; some kind of financial incentive could support this. The old Register Office is currently serving very little purpose but could work well as a library – the current library could be redeveloped into green space? I also agree with other comments about building cultural links between the Violin Making School and larger arts organisations.

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