Re-invention of the high street

1) High street rejuvination: St Helens high street has seen a number of shop closures. Whilst some have moved to the retail park, the center has no shops to pull people there.

Infrastructure investment into the highs treet to turn old abandoned shops into multi purpose spaces that are central and functional. This could be a crentral gym, co-working space, nursery and better shopping facilities that promote convenience for families and healthier living. Examples of this include Edinburgh, Cardiff Docklands and Espoo further afield

Re-open the library as a non-for-profit (example is a compamy called bookcycle) run by the community. Links to co-working space

2) better community health: Investment into job creation for recovering addicts and better mental health services

Better GP services in surrounding villages to remove strain from central hospitals ie. (Billinge with a population of 15,000, does not have a doctor)

Exploring how health and the high street link together

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