Re open the roads in the town centre

Now that the high street has effectively died there is no need for a fully pedestrianised town centre. If a one way system could be linked in to the existing ‘ring road’ (Mersey St, Midland Way, Wilson Patton St) in a way similar to Altrincham has been done using cobbles to keep speeds very low then this could relieve a lot of the bridge foot problem, especially in conjunction with the new centre park link.

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2 comments on “Re open the roads in the town centre

  1. There are plenty of homeless that find comfort in the middle of town with nowhere else to go under this Tory government. They all need helping properly first before this is thought about being done.

  2. Close cockhedge and move businesses into the empty shops in the town center. Then use the land to build affordable housing on and leave green belt land alone.

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