Re-purpose empty retail spaces

Mansfield has an over abundance of empty commercial properties which could be re-purposed into housing. The spreading out of the town has been poorly thought out causing the market to fail and for many town centre stores to close down. If these empty buildings became residential and the centre became more experience focused rather than retail it could really turn the town around. A cultural town centre rather than retail one focusing on Mansfields wealth of historical significance and location with the Market place becoming a sort of venue in itself with various events throughout the year to attract tourism.

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6 comments on “Re-purpose empty retail spaces

  1. As I cannot get central or east midlands TV every night I have to watch North Yorkshire / Lincs TV which is always reporting how they are converting their town shops into accommodation . Retail parks with free parking and no hassle from pubs & junkies is the way forward . Its time to start acting not only with the town centre also the roads are in poor condition, litter everywhere on the outskirts of Mansfield ,bringing back markets and railways is not the answer at present the new party needs to start acting to bring Mansfield up to date and lets see news about the town not what’s happening down south .

  2. I agree too, with all the above!
    And could I add thst the extra housing should be for rent by the council for a range of different types of household sizes.
    This housing should be also be prioritised for local people first!

  3. Totally agree, town centres as we knew them are dying or dead. Waste of money to just promote same old, same old retail environment. Housing is a priority so use land to provide accomodation.

  4. Great idea, the additional residents would use the facilities on their door step and more ‘experience’ focussed venues/spaces would also draw more people into town.
    Car parking costs should also be reduced to support this.

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