Re-think the Dearne Valley Eco Vision

BMBC needs to stop ignoring the Dearne Valley in policy. Sheffield City Regional Strategic Economic Plan highlights Dearne Valley as the location for logistics and warehousing, yet there are many more types of employment opportunities that should be investigated such as those discussed in the Dearne Valley Eco-Vision published in 2009 – and more. (What happened to the proposals outlined in that vision?) There is a lot of potential for the introduction of ‘green’ employment opportunities, such as energy production from wind and solar, types of planting in the rural areas surrounding the Dearne Valley villages to reduce the area’s carbon emissions, and introduce new jobs to the area. Goldthorpe could be put on the map as a sustainable village, and having great ‘green’ training for the youth and those struggling to find work. Without a strong plan proposed by BMBC and SCR for the future, Goldthorpe won’t be resilient enough to potential changes in the future. What’s the long-term plan?

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