Realise potential of the Opera House/ O2 Academy

The O2 is an amazing asset for Boscombe – such a beautiful and historic building bringing great music to the high street. But it would be wonderful to see it used a lot more with different events on at different times of the day and week. Could it be used regularly by schools, local bands, community groups and other organisations and become more of a hub for the community?

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5 comments on “Realise potential of the Opera House/ O2 Academy

  1. Boscombe is beautiful town if you strip away the bland modernised frontage of the past 40 odd years, restore flowers and make it the place people want to come – wherever you make do with bland modern frontages of buildings you will over time create that look and feel in the streets, restore it to its glory! Make shops have pride in their stores not plastering 70 percent off all over their windows – with pride the town will grow 😊💖 the o2 shouldn’t be kept hidden from the rest of the world – it’s an integral part of the Royal arcade and belongs to the town – all people need to feel its energy and beauty not just for a select few in the evenings. It holds the history of the area! Concerts and parties should still be held but not limited to those alone x Boscombe made Bournemouth great… So if Boscombe thrives maybe Bournemouth would again too 😊

  2. I strongly agree and would advocate compulsory purchase by BCP Council, with the O2 then handed over to the community to run. It should be open 7 days a week, from early to late, accessible for all age groups and different uses, especially as a multi-use Community Centre. The private firm that owns it has shown consistent lack of respect and consideration for the people of Boscombe by not allowing it to open regularly and not looking after it.
    Personally I would love to introduce cinema nights on a regular basis, ballroom dance classes and all kinds of theatrical and other performances. Plus all kinds of support groups, discussions, possibly religious services, rotating around all the local religious and non-religious groups, including Humanists.

  3. Agree it is amazing place and could do more ,instead of always going to the Oavillion why don’t schools use this place ?

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