Recycling facilities

I’m reading an article about ‘recycling’ in the Ivory Coast I thought why not here :

  • Green economy
  • Environmental friendly
  • Employment
  • Recycling

Factory that is recycling plastics to make bricks to build classrooms. In its first year 30 people are employed and the expectation is this will increase to 300 people in 3 years. The old Conoco site could be used or the Industrial estate. New industry – cutting edge of green economy –

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5 comments on “Recycling facilities

  1. We have a holiday home in Mablethorpe using it around 7 months of the year. Our site is just one of many and we have nowhere to recycle plastics or paper or tins/cans, it all goes to landfill. The only recycling we can find is glass, clothes or shoes.
    Being a holiday resort the amount of recyclable waste each day will be a great amount.
    Caravan sites should be made to supply recycling bins for residents and other possibilities for visitors.

  2. Conoco site has infrastructure and buildings in place now – whilst the plant is dismantled it could save millions by being halted whilst feasibility studies are undertaken. This space is industrialised already and its advantages are it feeds Mablethorpe without impacting too much on its overall layout. This site is a prime spot for any industrial/ manufacturing development

  3. It appears from what Conoco says it will take a number of years to decommission this site before it’s fit for any other purpose.

  4. An interesting idea. Not sure where the old Conaco site is.

    Is there anything similar in the U.K. already? Perhaps a current provider might consider another plant here.

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