Would like to see the recycling centre moved to Lilleyhall, so it doesn’t impact traffic on the A597… A ridiculous place for a recycling centre at the moment!! You can’t get into the town centre on the weekend and bank holidays for people queuing to get into the recycling centre!

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  1. Great opportunity for Workington to become greenest town in England/ uk we have a Bio mass power plant , wind energy farm additionally we have an opportunity here to go totally green in every way money could be put into green investments bring the community and business together the towns USP can be we can offer a the greenest and most environmentally friendly business opportunities for new start ups and current business, new electric buses and electric charging banks around the town, great opportunity to rethink our recycling strategy to make it the best in UK this will be a great addition with having a world heritage site in the Lake District, with an upgrade of our green spaces ( vulcans park) all these can follow this new green living we need adopt Workington town could be a trail blazer in this opportunity investments in local amenities like a new statium, ice ring could all be powered in green energy around 3 million tourists or more people come to the lakes give a reason to venture to Workington.

    1. A very valuable comment and some money could be spent on at least starting this ball rolling. However 25m is not a huge amount and should be used to see the start and finish of a project.

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