Redditch Connect

Enhanced transport facilities with better interchange. This would be better bus services and connectivity with other public transport modes i.e rail. Also, better connectivity between Redditch Station and the Kingfisher Centre.

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3 comments on “Redditch Connect

  1. Get rid of diamond buses which are useless, open up bus routes after 8pm when hardly any buses run generally tidy up the town and make it a place to be proud of like it used to be, improve family support and group funding

  2. Bus service is the biggest joke ever.
    Diamond getting donation from Town Hall and do what they liked.
    Old buses crashing, breaking, burning on the road, never on time and high prices

    1. The drivers are rude and I am pretty sure they found there licenses in a kinder egg the buses are dirty and knackered when you complain to the company they spin you a pack of lies I have waited for 45 minutes for a 57 or 58 bus on church green to go to abbey dale with my disabled partner and 2 children and when we complained to the company they said all of the buses had turned up what a joke

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