Redevelop a Tired Shopping Centre

Demolish the Sovereign Centre which has never really recovered from the construction of Castlepoint shopping centre. Relocate remaining stores onto the high street to increase hustle and bustle and make use of empty units. Demolish the Sovereign Centre and redevelop the site into masses of affordable housing which would create more local people to support and strengthen the remaining shops on the high street.

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2 comments on “Redevelop a Tired Shopping Centre

  1. Sovereign centre is too big .Do something or persuade someone to redevelop and make an asset of the Royal Arcade .Compulsory purchase and develop Luxury housing above the Royal Arcade and bring in more housing for families .

  2. Totally agree! But ensure that the rents are affordable for the relocating businesses.

    Would be great to redevelop the old Co-Op Department Store (later Hughes). How about converting it to a new ice rink – will give the youth something to do and give a reason for people to come to Boscombe other than to buy drugs. As parents drop off their kids, they will then go shopping, use the cafes etc. If the parking was free for the two hours, it could then compete with Castlepoint. I think the same should be put in place in Bournemouth, to help the poor retailers there too.

    Also, pedestrianisation of Boscombe has created an area for these low life’s to hang around and create a rundown feel to the place. Christchurch has a weekly market, with the traffic diverted on that day but the rest of the time the cars and people flow through, reducing the ability for the vulnerable to loiter. Have never understood why Boscombe had to be pedestrianised. Get the public flowing back through. It’s not as if the loving paving that the council originally used has been maintained is it? Every time a repair has taken place, it has been replaced by other materials, including tarmac! Just sloppy workmanship that has gone unchecked by all in charge (companies and council).

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