Reduce council spending and serbices

As the majority of gold thorpe don’t contribute to society, work or ever pay tax, all funding should be reduced.
They vandalise their on parks, graffiti their own buildings, throw litter on the floor, fly tip, let dogs fowl. They commit crimes against their neighbours.
In every way they cost more the council more than any other area in Barnsley.

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4 comments on “Reduce council spending and serbices

  1. I’ve lived in Goldthorpe all of my life have worked all my life and will continue to work until I retire. We have paid our tax (my husband in the high tax bracket) through damned hard work. Lots of folk in Goldthorpe are the same. How dare you say not to invest in our village 😡

  2. This post should be totally ignored and shows how naive some people are. The whole point is to improve the area, hence the funding, not leave it to rot….

    Everyone contributes to this and comments such as this only fuel the fires.

  3. How disrespectful you are to the resident of this village, there are many hard working, honest and decent people who don’t deserve this kind of comment or suggestions. There are also people who need help and support who have been let down by our systems .. I would suggest if you have these views them make a positive contribution and not unhelpful judgmental nasty ones!

  4. There are many of us in this community who do in fact work pay tax and DO NOT take part in crime,vandalism etc and as one of those residents I find your comment offensive on all counts

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