Reduce HGV traffic through town

Currently articulated lorries come off junction 28 on the M6 and go via Turpin Green Lane to Golden Hill Lane and Tomlinson road where depots are. This puts a lot of wear on the roads, pollutes the air and the noise carries on right through the night. There are many houses along this route and very close to the road. In South Ribbles Borough Council’s long term plan it has been suggested that Tomlinson Road could be linked with Centurian way to reroute heavy traffic. This would make a huge difference to local residents and benefit the town as a whole with cleaner air, longer lasting road surfaces and lower levels of traffic noise. This would be my top priority to spend money on. Furthermore existing foot paths that are unevenly paved to be resurfaced and made into joint cycling and foot paths and where there are none to create more of these to make it possible to get from any A to any B in town safely on a bike instead of using unsafe on road cycling lanes.

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