reduce road noise pollution , Road improvements

Can Council improve quality of living by install sound barriers along dual carriage ways running near or right though to residential areas.
Between 2000 and 2018 the traffic in MK increased by 1.163 billion vehicles of which only between 2011-2018 it was as much as 177.7 million . All those extra motor vehicles are heard by us and our children outside and inside our homes.As per 2017 we had 11 vertical (V) roads and 10 horizontal (H) roads and A5 running through MK but is the responsibility of Highways England . Non of those roads has any sound barriers in place , we are all living trapped within noisy pockets of MK grid system.
There is a wide rage od site affects caused by road noise , this arise mainly from the stress reaction it causes in the human body, which can also occur during sleep.This leads to developing anxiety , stress ,sleeps issues, Depression and even heart attacks.
MK is beautiful city full of greenery, lakes and narure which is blasted by road noise.

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2 comments on “reduce road noise pollution , Road improvements

  1. I totally agree. I can t even go in my garden as the noise stresses me out. We are even thinking of moving out MK because of the road noise.

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