Refuge for those who are vulnerable

It’s lovey that everyone wants to paint the town and make it pretty, but a glittery poo is still a poo. You can’t hide the ugly truths that need addressing by making the outside seem more attractive. Why not use these funds towards something that will make not just the town a better place to live but the people of this town happier. All it takes is a walk through the town to know of the people who struggle with drug/alcohol abuse, people who have no other option to sleep rough and put themselves in danger, families that go hungry, people getting job after job declined everybody knows the struggle is real. Small investments into big problems are the first step to solving the issue. Fund homeless shelters, tackle the homing crisis, invest into cv building work experience opportunities, hold financial well-being classes, support the people who most need it and not just the buildings that need painting. A glittery poo is still a poo the exterior doesn’t change what it is.

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