Refurbishing Barrow Hill Memorial Hall to create facilities for all

Barrow Hill Memorial Hall is an iconic heritage building built in 1863 & donated to the village in 1920 as the village’s war memorial. It is currently being refurbished by a community-led charity to be a multi-purpose centre for local people, incorporating facilities for youth, sports, jobs/skills, community cohesion/socialising, culture, a nursery and a community venue for important occasions such as weddings, funerals & birthdays. The village was built to be self-sufficient – a model village with all the facilities that were needed – but these have all been lost over the years: the doctors, the social club, the churches, the meeting spaces, the pub, the takeaways. We are rebuilding the heart of the village by enabling people to come together for common good, mutual support & shared betterment to economically & culturally rebuild the village from the grassroots. We know that this asset-based approach will be effective to provide long term improvements in local economy & peoples’ lives

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23 comments on “Refurbishing Barrow Hill Memorial Hall to create facilities for all

  1. The memorial hall would be a fantastic meeting place for our community if it was restored and safe for all to enter. It would help restore community and support for families in the area. I support this project

  2. The memorial hall needs to be made back into the heart of our community. There is nowhere for the villagers to meet now .its such a waste of the building

  3. I support this as Barrow hill needs a heart to the community and this place under the right management would help to bring the community together.

  4. I support this. I live in Barrow Hill and with 3 young children who are going to grow up here it would be nice for somewhere they can go and ‘hang out’

  5. I fully support the refurbishment of the Memorial Club,my grandparents and father lived on ‘The Blocks’ and I and my siblings have many happy memories of Barrow Hill. My Great uncle Joseph Benison was killed in the First World and we should never forget the sacrifices that many made including young men from Barrow hill.

  6. The village and it’s residents would benefit massively from the refurbishment of the memorial, it would be somewhere the community can come together. Where it can support people, offer them a place to socialise and escape the solitude and isolation some people and families experience. Where it can offer a place for the kids to get off the street and meet other kids, make friends, learn life skills, and learn to be pro social. It can utilise the rooms to deliver training, hold events, host parties….. The club used to be the heartbeat of the community…. it’s time it beat again!

  7. I grew up in Barrow Hill when there were 2 pubs, takeaways, a youth club, 2 churches/chapels, post office, shops and a thriving community. The Memorial Hall stands for the history of all that community. We used to go on day trips to the seaside, all of us together. We would have a little bit of spending money and some pop and crisps given to us – paid for by all the village. Bringing the community heart back to the Memorial Hall will not only continue the history of the village and what it stood for; but also strengthen the community that is Barrow Hill.

  8. Love to see the club back up and running for the community I used to work behind the bar in the good old days where we needed 5 staff just downstairs , what they are doing and have done for the kids is amazing especially the youth club for the teenagers keeping them out of trouble , cathryn and louise what you have done for the youth club good on you keep it up helping out in your spare time ❤️ also Wendy , matt let’s hope we can continue for all the kids , we all need to come together as a community like we used to xx

  9. I agree something should be done to regenerate this building since the decline of the pubs the memorial hall has gone barrow hill was a thriving community at one time but now it needs the input hopefully this will do this and get the community back again

  10. I fully support this. I’ve lived in the area for many years and its disheartening to see so many good facilities disappearing. This will be an asset to the area for so many people and will bring the community spirit back together.

  11. I fully support the refurbishment of The Memorial Hall. The village needs a hub where they can socialise, have a doctor’s appointment, have childcare and youth activities. I’ve lived here for a year and it’s a lovely village we just need more amenities for the community to thrive.

  12. Let’s keep our community safe and bring back our community to bring us back together again like it use to be who live in our communities across North east Derbyshire and Derbyshire it self….we are all in this world we all have issues we all have problems in life but its about joining together and talking about all our troubles to help out each other when the chips are down like the good old days …I like to see back in the great 1970s and 1980s and 1990s even 2000 remember them good old times like I do ….where you can leave your door open or have a cupper with your Neighbors or a catch up that’s great old days ….I know times changed people humanity have changed but if you want happy life its how you make it and if you choose wrong path like all wrong doings they come with Consequences….I hope we see best of our communities coming back to life one day ….

  13. I think more needs to be done to remember every one who lost there lifes in ww2 and ww1 they died for our country our life our freedom and that should be remembered for all to see and understand im from East anglia proudly from and breded to my home counties but I moved to beautiful Derbyshire 4 yrs ago I proudly adopted as my second home now and I love it here so much down to earth people I know you going get loads of bad ones every where you go but end of the day its life ….I hope this helps …

  14. I’ve lived here all my life and would love to see this building restored. It used to be a memorial club but things change, people change. It would be wonderful to see it bringing the community back together and thankyou to the people trying to make this happen.

  15. We need this building restoring, it’s all we have left! Barrow Hill used to be a thriving community with great community spirit, and I feel it could be again if we could just get the Memorial Hall back up and running, to house some of those much needed facilities!

  16. It will be amazing to have somewhere that is going to be used for the community. A lot of work is needed but I know you are able to do it.
    Thank you for allowing the hub to use the building on a Friday. What they have done throughout the school holidays has been an absolute god send. I dont think they realise just how amazing they are. What normal food bank organises activities for the children, gives out prizes as well as cooking delicious food and handing out within their parcels. Cannot wait to see the memorial hall refurbished and back into a workable state.
    The idea of a community café is amazing, something where the village is able to go too, i love the idea of a childrens/youth club but id highly say to get a new team in to lead this. Current people involved really dont have a clue what they are doing.

    1. We’ve never had no complaints over the running of the youth club I’ve run it for years every one trusts us with there kids I gave up loads of my time to run those clubs pehaps people should have sat in with us and watched us the kids always had fun

  17. 100% agree with this. Derbyshire Community Hub is sure an assest to Barrow Hill and has changed the lives of so many in the community. Hope they are around for many years to come and maybe even do social classes regarding food from their cook. Her meals are devine and she is a credit to the amazing team.

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